Our History

In 2004 Republicans were engulfed in a campaign that was more structured and intense than any other in history.  Karl Rove had designed a plan that required a “grass roots” effort never been seen before.  Our founders were coordinators for Bush-Cheney in Butler County.  They offered their time to set up a headquarters, recruit volunteers, organize phone banks, distribute yard signs, and get out the vote.  They welcomed Vice President Dick Cheney for a rally in Saxonburg that drew 1,500! Butler County was a success story for President George W. Bush, but it could not have been done without the efforts of dozens of devoted workers. 

Not all of the volunteers were women, but those who were felt a kinship that led to the formation of the Republican Women of Butler County.  The early membership ranged in age from 20 to 80, and that group included business professionals, stay-at-home moms, teachers, entrepreneurs, and retirees. They had come together to support a political process, and they were rewarded with an amazing victory for the Bush-Cheney team.  Their efforts provided unexpected dividends for these women in friendships that were forged and remain to this day. 

Since its birth, the RWBC has continued to be a force in Republican politics in Butler County.  Members hosted the four gubernatorial candidates at a forum in 2006. That year we also hosted “Soup With Santorum” which allowed county residents to meet with United State Senator and former Butler resident Rick Santorum. 

Over the years our members also have been active in support of the Butler County Republican Committee. Many of them serve as committee members and officers in the county organization. 

In 2012 our members set up and staffed Romney Headquarters in Butler County, welcoming Romney supporters from seven states.  They distributed hundreds of yard signs and made thousands of phone calls that produced a win for Governor Romney in Butler County. Again, their efforts were rewarded when Romney won almost 67% of the vote.  

Our members continue to work for candidates at all levels of government.  For their efforts, they have been awarded the Gold Award by the National Federation of Republican Women. They continue to promote Republican candidates, mentor women interested in politics, and strive to share their love of God and country.

New members are always welcomed. 


Pat Stirling

RWBC Past President